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Rick DeNatale (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 06:05:49 -0500

>On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Allan Wright wrote:
>> O.K. I have to get in on this thread now. All this grumbling about airbrush
>> cleaning makes me wonder..why hasn't everyone else on this list tossed their
>> Badger 150, etc. into the closet and started using the Model Master
>> Professional? I love mine - full dual action - super easy cleaning with no
>> dissassembly - just flush out the head with solvent/water and you're done.
>I agree this is a good deal at ~$60. I have used one for 2 years now with
>good results. I use enamels and lacquers and have not had any problem
>with plastic decay of the airbrush components. Cleanup is easy. The heads
>are inexpensive and easily interchangeable.

I've had somewhat less luck with mine. I've had to send the body back to
Testor's once when the lever got disconnected. The same thing has happened
again and I haven't bothered.

I never could get it to spray a fine enough line. Although I know Jesse
can. You guys should see his model of (oops! wrong war, sorry Jesse I
almost blew your cover!). I've always used it with acrylics, never
lacquers, maybe I could do better with them.

I won a Badger 150 in a raffle, and so far I've been happier with that than
any other airbrush I've used. If I had to rank the double action
airbrushes that I've used in order it would be: 1) Badger 150, 2)
Testors/Aztek Professional, 3) Paasche VL.

Maybe I'll send it back for repairs and give it another try.