I'm working on...

28 Nov 1995 07:47:07 GMT

I'll answer two (three?) list questions at once;

1) I use a Badger 200 airbrush with XF, F, & M tips. Good results
overall. Have never tried the MM airbrush. All plastic huh?
I too hate cleaning the thing. I started building two models at a
time, side by side, with similair paint schemes for the sole purpose
of fewer airbrush sessions(!).

2) Just finished an eight figure German WW I trench scene diorama
(1918), 1/35 scale. (Actually, *nine* and 1/10 figures if you count
the rat and the poor slob buried 90%!). All on a base of 5 1/2" x
7 1/2". All figures are *MAJOR* conversions. *All* equipment is

Also just finished a 60mm white metal WW I German figure as a separate
figure on a short wood pedestal. 1915 76th Infantry Jager

3) Just started a Pfalz D.VIII (1/72 - naturally!) to be converted
from the "Merlin" Pfalz Dr.I kit. (Using recent Windsock plans issue,
and old WW I Aero mag article).

And also started (two at a time you know...) a "Joystick" Halberstadt
Cl.IV vacform (1/72).

That's all for now!

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)