Airbrushes (was Re: Re[4]: Time to start a new t)

Randy J Ray (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 08:37:01 -0700 (MST)

I have a Paasche H and a Badger 150. There are people in my club that swear by
the Testor's MM double action, and one guy has an Iwata (forget the model #)
that he is really happy with.

I switched to the 150 when I got it for $60 at a sale here in Denver (brand
new). I was interested in moving from single- to double-action. I haven't used
the H since then, mainly because I'm too lazy to unhook one from the compressor
and hook the other up. The 150 has been good to me, although using the new
Polly Scale acrylics is really gumming it up more often than it used to. Last
night, the medium-width needle (what I generally use) started refusing to
spray. Take the tip off, it sprays. Put it on, it doesn't. Put the fine needle
and tip on, it sprays. So I'm soaking the medium tip in thinner overnight,
since I seem to remember that the fine needle/tip is too fine for use with
acrylics and enamels (please correct me if I'm wrong).


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