I'm back...

Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 09:49:47 -0500

Well, after a week back home with the folks, I'm at work, swamped
with email, and actual *work* to do (gee, I almost forgot how to
spell that ;-)).

So, to catch up on some threads:

Welcome to Anthony Sanchez! It's good to have more modelers around,
even if you do build _other_ things. Just don't tell us about it!
:-) However, if you even *think* about building an Me 109, I'll have
Al unsubscribe you. :-)

To Jim Wallace: hey, armor isn't bad. Especially if it's WW1, and -
more importantly - it's 1/72nd. Too many people building in that
*blind* scale. :-)

1/48th versus 1/72nd: well, to each their own. Eat your carrots!

As far as clubs building certain things, our club here in Omaha is
primarily armor - which is odd being so close to Offutt Air Force
Base. Actually, it has just changed that way. The predominat
building was 1/48th jets. Now, almost anything goes - except WW1, of
course. I'm the only one predominantly building in the *correct*
era. ;-)

As far as airbrushes go, I use an old Thayer and Chandler. Can't
remember the model, but it's single action, and hasn't caused my any
problems yet. I paint in acrylics, so I can spray water through it
anywhere, and I *always* take it apart and clean it after each spray.
It's easy to do say when you can dump the parts in a bowl of water.
I would like to get a double action, but I can't justify the cost,
especially since this has worked for me so well.

My current WW1 projects are still the Pegasus Roland D.II, and the
Nieuport 11 conversion from and ESCI Nie.17. Since I'm
(unfortunately?) doing a couple of other eras (a "Golden Age"
Sparrowhawk, and some models for the SAC Museum) my time has been
forced into these.

Gee, after a week of not modeling, I'm finding it difficult to get
back into it. The primary reason is the one thing I hate when
building models: seam filling. Especially on the Pegasus
Sparrowhawk. Having to sand down all parts, the edges sometimes get
out of whack. For what it's worth, I don't mind rigging, and I enjoy
scratching cockpits. Sure, it's nice working with a True Details
drop in cockpit, but I can't see that sort of thing for WW1. Too
many open spaces, for it to work correctly.

Al: why couldn't you get majordomo to do digest? Other lists I'm on
use majordomo, and I get a digest version. Just curious.

Jess Stuart: watch for email.

More to follow.


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