Re[4]: Time to ....(airbrushes)
Tue, 28 Nov 95 08:14:39 PST

I looked in my FSM when I got home last night and saw that
the Testor's Model Master is being sold through MicroMark
for US$55 or so. It comes with the hose, color cups, and GP
(I assume that general purpose) nozzle. They are selling
other nozzles for US$8.95 each. They have a package that
they're selling that includes compressor, etc (I stopped
reading as I have a compressor) that goes for something like
US$159 or something like that.

Valley Plaza Hobbies was selling a Paasche gravity feed 2X
action brush for about the same as the airbrush set above.
It is not listed in the latest issue of FSM, so I guess I
missed the boat, train, plane, whatever.

I have been using the Paasche H for several years (after
some nasty experiences with the Badger 350) and it has
served well. I guess that if I upgrade, it will have to do
something that I can't with the single action brush.

---Stephen Tontoni