Re: Modeling Addiction?
Tue, 28 Nov 95 08:28:19 PST

Let's see, yesterday, I was showing some guilt. So I think
it was Jesse who responded and he used the term "obsessive
compulsive". Then someone else (whose name escapes me; I
may be able to recall it via hypnotic regression) used the
term "anal retentive" to describe us....

The major reason that I have been so active on the list the
last two days has been that I am in serious denial. I'm not
ready to accept that the Thanksgiving (here in the 'States)
break is over and I have to get back to work. Also my
co-worker is still in Hawaii and I am harboring some
resentment about that.....

I'm hearing a lot of pop-psychology stuff getting
thrown around.... Is there a therapist in the house?

Tongue firmly in cheek --- Stephen Tontoni