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Here's a message from Matt that bounced because he inadvertantly used the word
'subscr1be' in the body - another reason to switch servers - this bug really
fries me.

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> Well, after going through a week's worth of mail, I thought I would
> share.
> For those who don't subscr*be, the latest copy of Over the Front is
^^^^^^^^---Edited to beat the mail daemon
> almost devoted entirely to Herman Goering. His "non-white" aircraft
> are covered by Greg Van Wyngarden. Other points of interest include
> a scratchbuilt 1/32nd RE8, including color profiles on the rear
> cover.
> The latest FSM is a big disappointment for our era. None were even
> shown in the Reader Gallery 1995 IPMS National's special. Such a
> shame. (However, they did have !two! 1/72nd armor - although they
> both were the Swastiska-carrying type.) Point of interest if no one
> saw it: on page 14 for the ad for Mikerian Mercantile Ltd. has the
> next DML release for our era as the D.VIII with Hans Goerth bust. Is
> it just me, or does this seem like a waste of time?
> In the latest Battle Hobbies flyer, they have down due 10 Jan 1996 an
> In Action for the Fokker Eindecker! Interesting subject matter,
> especially for Squadron. I wonder who the author will be?
> Barry told me that he (Rosemont) has in the W.4 mini-Datafile.
> Didn't catch the price, but I *think* they're $10. He also expected
> any day the latest Windsock/Datafile. That's it from his end.
> So, not much else to report. Carry on...
> Matt
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