Re: Lindburgh SE 5A (Re: Need Opinion)

Greg Springer (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 17:05:32 -0800

Bonjour Jesse!

You wrote:
>> Hello Hiro!
>> You wrote:
>> >BTW,
>> >Gerry> Chacun a son gout?
> How do you pronounce this fine french saying?
>> Chacun = 'Each one' or 'Each person'
>> a = to
>> son = his (own)
>> gout = taste.
Shackun (with the accent on 'un') ah son (like the first three
letters in 'song') goo. You pronounce the n's in your nose.

Somewhere years ago I saw this verse of a WWI song:

Bidons d'essence! Carburateurs!
Sauvez, sauvez la France et tous les aviateurs.

Tanks of gas! Carburettors!
Save France and all the aviators.

I'd love to see the whole song with perhaps the music.

(No I can't carry on a conversation in French. It's been 30 years
since I studied it.)


Greg 'All the world is my friend but especially on payday'