Thanks for welcome/Sopwith Triplane ?

Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 17:44:43 -0800

First a quick 'thanks' for the fine welcome I received from the group.

My favorite ww1 subject is the Sopwith Triplane. I am working on a
color 3-view, computer generated drawing of this plane. If and when I
get it finished I'll try to get a printer to make color prints. It
will be a while yet, as this is a labor of love, and I have bills to
pay!! Paid work gets first shot at my time.

Anyway, I noticed Shane made a comment about a Sopwith Triplane. Is
this the Eduard 1:48 item that was being advertised at the IPMS show in

What's the story on this kit? Is it really going to happen? (In
Albuquerque I got the impression that this kit was only being
"considered" Any release date?

I have a Fokker Dr1 and an AVRO triplane waiting for another member of
the 'Triplane' family to join them.

Again thanks for the welcome.