Fokker streaky finish
29 Nov 95 12:52:00 EST

In an offline conversation with one of our newer members (G'Day Sean :-)
on the subject of the Fokker streaky camouflage finish he asked:

> Have there been any threads on the subject?
> If not, we ought to start one.
>First, do you know definitively how olive streaking was done on real
>I mean was it even done the same way on every plane or every time?

I don't recall us ever discussing this at any length, and I agree it's
worth a thread, so I tender his questions for discussion.

I'm also interested to hear how anyone else tackles this finish. For what
it's worth, I start with a coat of enamel "linen colour", and add
streaking to taste with artists acrylics mixed to taste (yum), followed
by a coat of (our equivalent of) Future. At least it lets me mess up
frequently and still get another chance!