RE: New release question
29 Nov 95 14:58:00 EST

>>On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Charles Hart wrote:
>> I thought that the Pfalz D-III was the next release. Otherwise,
>> was Aeromaster so eager to release two Pfalz D-III marking sheets ??

and Jesse added:
>Maybe for the Tom's Modelworks D-III. They will be first on the market
>for the upcoming Eduard and (I'll believe it when I see it) Glencoe

>What's on these sheets? Anyone know?

According to the Rosemont November flier:

#48-185 Pfalz collection Part 1 Holtzem (Surprised???), Jasta 15 and
Jasta 11 3 a/c
#48-186 Pfalz collection part 2 Pollinger, von der Marwitz,JG 1, Jasta
35, 4 a/c

While I'm at it the Albatros sheets are

#48-181 Albatros part 1 (all D.V) lt. Waldhausen, ltn von Hipple, vfd
Konneke, hpt Schleich
#48-182 Albatros part 2 (D.III) Jasta 49, Jasta 5 (D.Va) ltn Raesch ltn

the D.VII sheets are:

#48-183 Fokker D.VII part 1 Stark Veltejns Berthold and 1 Jasta 29 a/c
#48-184 Fokker D.VII part 2 (no detail in the flier, sorry)

and the new Fokker Triplane sheet is

#48-179 Fokker Dr.1 part 2 ltn Rudolph, ltn Budde, ltn becker and 1 Jasta
12 a/c

I have yet to see any of these, however the SPAD sheet is quite nice and
seems accurate, and the Triplane part 1 sheet was okay apart from an
slightly unimaginative and wastefull selection (duplication of kit
decals) and some suspect instructions.