Re: Re[4]: Time to ....(airbrushes)

Brian Bushe (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 09:10:44 +0000

> I looked in my FSM when I got home last night and saw that
> the Testor's Model Master is being sold through MicroMark
> for US$55 or so. It comes with the hose, color cups, and GP
> (I assume that general purpose) nozzle. They are selling
> other nozzles for US$8.95 each. They have a package that
> they're selling that includes compressor, etc (I stopped
> reading as I have a compressor) that goes for something like
> US$159 or something like that.

I bought this brush on a trip to the states early this year, but have
only used it a few times. the clean up is a lot less demanding than
my old badger 200. i also got the cleaning station which also acts as
a holder during spraying. it's easy, efficient and tidy. took me a
while to get used to the double action. BTW did you know these
brushes were designed,developed, and made bu Daler-Rowney in Newbury
(about 20 miles from me now) yet cost around 120 pounds over here!