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Wed, 29 Nov 1995 07:55:06 -0500

On 29 Nov 95 at 9:23, Brian Bushe typed diligently:

> wow. a friend of mine just got a job with aerospace publishing, and
> when he visited my computer a last week ago he brought me three
> photo(copies) of this weird looking triplane. boy, did i laugh at
> this monster. he asked me what it was and i pointed out that they
> were two different aircraft and going by the fuselage of the first it
> was a Nieuport. ok but the second had a flat sided (IMHO) fuselage
> which looked like a Sopwith creation- are these both Nieuports?

There were at least two Nieuport triplanes. One was based on the
Nie.17, and the other on the Nie.17bis. The major difference between
the two is the fuselage, the bis having a "rounded" appearance, and
the other "flat sides". However, the wings - and wing structure -
were the same for both. I've asked Barry of Rosemont if he had any
inclination to put out his triplane with the bis fuselage, but he
said no. However, it shouldn't be that difficult of a "conversion"
if you buy his bis fuselage as well as the tripe. A little
expensive, but for such a wonderful looking plane, well worth it! ;-)


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