RE:Sopwith Triplane

Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 07:30:41 -0800

You wrote:
>Hello Shane,
>>My favorite ww1 subject is the Sopwith Triplane. I am working on a
>>color 3-view, computer generated drawing of this plane. If and when
>I get it finished I'll try to get a printer to make color prints. It
>>will be a while yet, as this is a labor of love, and I have bills to
>>pay!! Paid work gets first shot at my time.
>You should do it in the markings of the
>foremost triplane ace !

I believe that was Collishaws' "Black Maria"? As I understand it he
flew two different Tripes. I only have markings for N533. I was
planning on "generic" markings, but that's not a bad idea.

>According to the colour glossy Eduard catalogue published in the last

>month and now sitting on my desk the next group of releases are
>8012 Fokker D.VI
>8013 Albatros D.V
>8014 Sopwith Triplane
>8015 PKZ-2
>8016 Floh
>It also notes the Pfalz D.III (kit 8005) as an scheduled release.

Are these 1996 releases, or over the next several years?

>Maybe time to beuild them
>would be a better investment !

"time" I use to know what that was!!