Re[2]: Comments on the old Smer
Wed, 29 Nov 95 08:39:31 PST

>Just to add a bit to this thread. Stephen Tontoni did a Smer DH2
>which was photographed and scanned in to the Web- I think I ran in
>to it when bashing around in the Austrailia side of things. Stephen
>wherefore art this objet d'art?


both the same content, but the second is smaller in size

Many thanks to Daniel Koehne for scanning this in and
including it on the rec.models homepage. He is currently
seeking ideas/help as this homepage will probably have to
move after he graduates (Phd in astronomy or something
related). Read the important information at the front of the
homepage; if you can be of assistance, I'm sure that he
would be very grateful.

---Stephen Tontoni