Re: old Smer/Heller SPAD

Allan Wright (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 11:47:22 -0500 (EST)

> There were at least two Nieuport triplanes. One was based on the
> Nie.17, and the other on the Nie.17bis. The major difference between
> the two is the fuselage, the bis having a "rounded" appearance, and
> the other "flat sides". However, the wings - and wing structure -
> were the same for both. I've asked Barry of Rosemont if he had any
> inclination to put out his triplane with the bis fuselage, but he
> said no. However, it shouldn't be that difficult of a "conversion"
> if you buy his bis fuselage as well as the tripe. A little
> expensive, but for such a wonderful looking plane, well worth it! ;-)

The 17 based Nieuport tripe also did 2 tours of duty. First it was tested by
the French (with a lewis gun as armament) and then several months later by
the English (with a single vickers). In both cases the oppinion was it
performed similar to but not better than the original 17c Biplane.