Re: What I'm working on

Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 15:35:58 -0600

> Y'know, Brian's long-winded list has got me thinking about how many kits
>I, myself, tend to have "on the table" at any one time. Usually, I prefer
>to have two 'full board' projects in progress (i.e. built completely from
>the box up), and then one-to-two 'side' projects, such as a refinish/rebuild,
>repair, rigging upgrade, or what have you.
> Is this a faily typical approach vis a vis you guys, or is Brian on a more
>normal track?

I am trying the multiple approach to see how it goes. I find that I lose
interest in a particular project for a while so I think it will be helpful
to have another going. In R/C there seems to ALWAYS be some repair work to
be done (especially if you land as well as I do at times)! This gets
squeezed in as necessary so there is something to fly.

Projects....hmmm. I guess I will "spill the beans as well'.

1/6 Dr1 - Flair kit
1/6 SE5a - Flair kit
1/6 N17 - Flair kit (nearly ready to paint)
1/6 EIII (sorta) - Flair kit
1/4 Pietenpol Air Camper - scratch (RCM plans)
1/6 D-VII - Scratch (Gordon Whitehead plans)
1/6 D-VIII - Scratch (Henry Haffke/RCM plans. Needs some serious bashing)
1/6 Curtis Robin - Scratch (my own plans/design)

Well this list ought to keep me busy into the next century. Add to that the
CSM SPAD XIII kit I am hoping Santa is bring (hint hint big guy if you are

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