RE: Sopwith Triplane
30 Nov 95 07:44:00 EST

On the subject of Anthonys triplane I wrote:
>You should do it in the markings of the
>foremost triplane ace !

And Anthony answered:
>I believe that was Collishaws' "Black Maria"? As I understand it he
>flew two different Tripes. I only have markings for N533. I was
>planning on "generic" markings, but that's not a bad idea.

At which point I must apologise for pulling the leg of a newish member.
Some time back we had a thread about the "highest scoring triplane ace"
courtesy I believe of Matt. He was asking for the highest soring Fokker
Triplane ace, but never said so, so I suspected him of trickery and went

The highest scoring Fokker Dr.1 ace was Josef Jacobs (30) not MvR as the
sneaky bugger probably expected some of us to say.

However the highest scoring Triplane (any type) ace was Robert (Bob)
Little, an Australian of 8 RNAS who scored 35 of his 47 victories on
Tripehounds (mostly "Blymph"). At the time of his death he was RNAS ace
of aces, but was later overtaken by Collishaw of course, whose victories
did not include as large a proportion on Tripes.

Incidentally, I believe that Dallas may have had around 30 victories on
Sopwith Tripelanes as well.

There, now I feel as sneaky as Matt ;-)

And you ask re Eduard Releases:
>Are these 1996 releases, or over the next several years?

The Floh and D.VI are already available. The leaflet says "available
soon". Since they seem to be releasing at about 2 monthly intervals I'd
hazard that we'll see them in the first half of '96

>"time" I use to know what that was!!

Remind us if you remember !