RE: What I'm working on
30 Nov 95 07:52:00 EST

> Greetings All,
> Y'know, Brian's long-winded list has got me thinking about how many
>I, myself, tend to have "on the table" at any one time. Usually, I
>to have two 'full board' projects in progress (i.e. built completely
>the box up), and then one-to-two 'side' projects, such as a
>repair, rigging upgrade, or what have you.
> Is this a faily typical approach vis a vis you guys, or is Brian on a
>normal track?
> Erik

At one time I'd have had 20 kits part finished litering the place and
never finished anything (bad Advanced Modellers syndrome) I had a blitz
and junked the lot and promised I'd NEVER have more than 1 unfinished kit
at a time.

So today I have four in progress, 1 entirely scratchbuilt, 1
substantially scratchbuilt, 1 major conversion (about 25% kit) and just
ONE _kit_

And yes, I am chewing my nails in frustration about NOT starting a few
more !