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Thayer Syme (
29 Nov 1995 14:40:47 -0800

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Like Doug Jones, I also build large enough to see when they are a hundred yards
out. I actually tolerate the landing attrition though, keeps the storage
problems down a bit. Unfortunately my total writeoffs seem to be coming a lot
less frequently so the repair shop is still turning a profit.

The following are happening or dreaming.

On my building boards:
13/96 DH Tiger Moth, G. Whitehead drawings modified for geared electric.
Non scale cartoon of the Boeing 314/Beech 18/Lazy Bee, 56", twin elec.
(both these should be at KRC 96)

On the drawing board:
HB W-29 40" span, electric. If I like this one then another @ 60-72"

In the closet:
1/3 scale Balsa USA Sopwith Pup
1/6 Proctor Jenny
1/4 Proctor Albatros D-Va

Plans tubes in the closet hold:
1/6 Albatros D-II, Steven Stratt (next in line for the building boards)
?/? Avro 504K, Gordon Whitehead, 48" span
1/5 Sopwith Pup (reference for the 1/3 scale kit)
1/5 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
1/5 Sopwith Triplane

On the wish list
(a few more pipe dreams)

Sorry I don't have any pull with Santa, Doug.

Thayer Syme
San Francisco