Re: Re[2]: What I'm working on

August T. Horvath (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 19:35:34 -0500 (EST)

I find that the multiple kits at once approach tends to be a good cure
for the problem of hating a certain part of modelling (in my case, it's
surface detail -- I hate reconstructing ribs and panel lines, especially
when the reason I have to reconstruct them is the @#$%&* kit had a
sinkhole or a bad seam needing filling). You can stagger the kits so
that, if you can't face what needs to be done on one, you can do
something more enjoyable on the other and sometimes that will get you in
the mood to bite the bullet on the first one.

That said, I try to keep it to just a few projects at a time. Right now:

1/72 Seafire Mk.XV (conversion from MPM Mk.XIX) -- 60% done
1/72 Glasair III (scratchbuilt) -- 30% done
1/72 Albatros D.Va (Airfix) -- just started

August Horvath
Harvard Law School