RE: Sopwith Triplane

Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 16:39:46 -0800


Doesn't take long to get nailed around this group, does it?!!

>On the subject of Anthonys triplane I wrote:
>>You should do it in the markings of the
>>foremost triplane ace !
>And Anthony answered:
>>I believe that was Collishaws' "Black Maria"? As I understand it he
>>flew two different Tripes. I only have markings for N533. I was
>>planning on "generic" markings, but that's not a bad idea.

It still gave me an idea!!

>There, now I feel as sneaky as Matt ;-)

Ahh ... paybacks are hell!!

>And you ask re Eduard Releases:
>>Are these 1996 releases, or over the next several years?

>Since they seem to be releasing at about 2 monthly intervals I'd
>hazard that we'll see them in the first half of '96

Great, I hope so. But it's not like I'am going to start on it the
moment it drops into my hot little hands.

>>"time" I use to know what that was!!
>Remind us if you remember !

I'am going to rewrite that Rolling Stones song that has lyrics that say
something about 'time being on my side'.