Re: What I'm working on (with Q)

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Thu, 30 Nov 95 10:31:48 JST

I am building many kits, but not include WWI airplane. X)

1/72 Fujimi Phantom FG.1 - three! waiting for sanding, 60%.
1/72 Fujimi Phantom FGR.2 - two. same above.
1/72 Hasegawa MS.406 - three! 2 Finnish Air Force and one Swiss Air Force, 80%.
1/72 Matchbox A.W. Siskin - semi-scratch to early type, 30%
1/48 Contrail H.P. Hampden - vacform, too hard, 40%.
1/48 Monogram Tomahawk - correct some points, 30%.
1/48 Mouve Kittyhawk - progress with Tomahawk, 50%.

Purchased Eduard WWI kits were washed complete. :-)
Morane L
Morane N
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Baby (both 1/72 and 1/48)
Hansa Brandemburg D.I

BTW Eduard's Hansa Brandemburg D.I kit include decal sheets what a grains of
Is color of D.I wooden parts as like this decal?
I believe which it is more burnish, dark wood color until.


--Hirohisa Ozaki