Re: Fokker Streaking/what I'm working on.

Greg Springer (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 18:02:44 -0800


What I'm working on is a Revell DrI in the 'kingdom of the blind'
scale. Markings of Voss from the Gospel according to Imrie. The
yellow nose/wheels heresy. It was intended to start fistfights at the
1993 nationals but still ain't finished! Camouflage was done by
streaking Testor's gloss olive mix over old (laquer) Floquil base with
a #1 brush and a template hooked over the leading edge to maintain the
correct angle. Per all the photos I've seen I kept the streaking very
On the back burner: DML Spad XIII-de Turenne's 'Chant et Combat'
DML DVII 'Seven Swabians'(still researching)
Aeroclub FE2b (scheme not yet chosen)