Re: What I'm working on
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 00:38:02 -0500

To add to the pot. I usually have an untold number of kits going at any given
time. Typically I have one primary and two or three secondary projects out on
the workbench, with the "untold numbers" of started kits in the closet. I
read somewhere in here that to avoid Advanced Modelers Syndrome it reallypays
to build up one of the old standby's out of the box. I couldn't agree more.
In fact, I just finished a neat little Hobbycraft 1-16, just as it comes.
Great feeling!
Primary kit- Eduard Fokker D.VI
Secondaries- Eduard Hannover, Unknown Morane Saulnier H, Contrail Avro York
(combining w/common parts from Revell Lancaster), Esoteric Loening OL-8/9.

Happy modeling,
Scott H.
IPMS 32841