Re: What I'm working on

mark (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 23:24:34 -0800

Well, here's my two bits to throw in......These aren't in any particular
order, as this discussion literally caught me in between models, and I only
do one at a time, start to finish....but perusing thru the old collection, I

- Lindberg SE5A. This one was discussed a bit the other day. It's not a
great kit, but the rib detailing on both surfaces of both wings is some of
the best I've ever seen. And as others pointed out, it <<is>> truly 1/48.
For $5.00 and some aftermarket details, it will make a very nice model...

- Testors Spad XIII. Also has nice rib detail...

- Testors Nie.17. I've built this one before. Another cheap one that's hard
to beat. Replace the Lewis, though...

- Eduard Hansa-Brandenburg DI. I think the "simulated woodgrain" decal
sheet is kind of cheesy. And, like Hiro pointed out, it should be darker.
Anybody have any tips on how to best do a dark woodgrain using paint?

- Glencoe Alb. DIII. I know, I know, I can hear y'all laughing
hysterically...This is my second time around no less, with the infamous dog
plane. Not only that, I've got both the German <<and>> the Oeffag. The
German one will be my guinea pig for doing a plane in Turkish markings, once
I hunt down a few more references...

- K&B Fokker E.III

- Artiplast (cousin of Aurora and Smer) DH2

- Smer Avro 504K

- Smer Ansaldo SVA5

- Artiplast Nie.11

- Eduard Morane N. Lots of PE for all you metalheads...

- Koster Fokker DVIII. The only vac currently in the collection... I've
never done one before but am anxious to give it a go.

Finally, I can't resist the temptation to point out the fact that my
collection is <<<<entirely>>>> WWI, unlike some you heathen heretics out
there! ;-)

Mark R.