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Rick Ivansek wrote:

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5. 1/1 Pfalz D.XII Scratchbuilt (gets worked on only when time and

money permit) Current status: All original Insturmentation and
cockpit controls collected or reproduced, Almost complete Radiator,

and rudimentary fuselage work has commenced.

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How about telling us more about this "model"? Like what are you using
"documentation", what sort of engine and all similar juicy bits.

Paul Butler

Some more about the Pfalz D.XII eh. OK. Let's start with
I started some four years ago looking for Prints and Info on the
D.XII. I was amazed at how much information was lost on a subject that
wasn't even 100 years old. So starting with issue #124 of WW1 Aero, I
contacted Colin Owers in Austrailia, and obtained full sized copies of
the drawings that he published in it.
He made them during the restoration of the Pfalz in the AWM. This
was a great break, he had done all of the research work on the wing
structure and most of the major metal components for me already. He
also had a photo album of the entire restoration with many valuable
photos of parts that you can't see unless the airframe is apart.
I then put an add it WW1 Aero for more info, and got a letter from
Bob Waugh (also from Austrailia) who sent me half finished fuselage
drawings that he had be working on since the late 60's. So with several
trips to Champlin Fighter Museum here in Phoenix, I took may
measurements and photos myself and finished the fuselage drawings.
I think if it weren't for the many photos of the Pfalz factory of
D.XII under construction, we would never know exactly how the fuse was
built up.
About 4 months ago I had the pleasure of meeting with Peter Gross at
a meeting of our local chapter of "The League of WWI Aviation
Historians". We taked fo some time and he sent me his Pfalz Idflieg
documents to copy. This help even more with measurments of many of
those unseen things.
So, that is the what and where of the majority of the info that I
have found. There are still a few minor gaps that will be worked out as
I go, but the structure research is finished and correct ( +- 5mm ).
The other thing that I would like to add is that there are no
correct 3 view drawings out there. The fuselage is always show as
eliptical in its' cross sections. It is supose to have very flat sides
around the cockpit, kind of like the Alb. DIII.
As far as a power plant, the current solution is a modern strait 6
with a 4 to 1 gear reduction, unless a Mercedes presents it's self to
me at a reasonable price (not very likely, the last I saw sold for
$30,000.00) or perhaps a Hall Scott.
Well I think I've typed enough for tonight so I'll stop. If you
would like me to elaborate futher I'll continue tomorrow.

Keep 'em flying,

Rick Ivansek