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Matt Bittner (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 07:59:08 -0500

On 29 Nov 95 at 22:40, Gerald P. McOsker typed diligently:

> 2.Oeffag Albatross 253. Navratil- [From Blue Rider conversion kit]

I forget - is this the heart or the "funky design"? I've done the
heart, and plan on doing the other, as well.

> 4.PZL P11 1:48- in the colors of Lt. Gnys the first allied pilot to make a
> kill in WWII= [Only because I'm going to give it to a colleague named Gnys]
> cutting out all those louvers in the cowling is nicht so gemutlich- also
> the bloody fuselage is warped and the wings droop]

(Shh...don't tell the others) Could you send me some info on the
scheme? I'm also looking for cockpit info, as well. I have the
Encore (ex-Heller?) kit in 1/72nd, and I too want to do it up as
Gnys' aircraft.

FWIW I have approximately 250 WW1 subjects. The only other era that
"comes close" is between the wars, with 42. <Pfblttttt>


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