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On 30 Nov 95 at 7:44, typed diligently:

> At which point I must apologise for pulling the leg of a newish member.
> Some time back we had a thread about the "highest scoring triplane ace"
> courtesy I believe of Matt. He was asking for the highest soring Fokker
> Triplane ace, but never said so, so I suspected him of trickery and went
> researching.

Who, me?

> The highest scoring Fokker Dr.1 ace was Josef Jacobs (30) not MvR as the
> sneaky bugger probably expected some of us to say.

Who's sneaky? <Don't pay attention to my squinting eyes.>

> However the highest scoring Triplane (any type) ace was Robert (Bob)
> Little, an Australian of 8 RNAS who scored 35 of his 47 victories on
> Tripehounds (mostly "Blymph"). At the time of his death he was RNAS ace
> of aces, but was later overtaken by Collishaw of course, whose victories
> did not include as large a proportion on Tripes.

Hmm...When I mentioned this to Greg Van Wyngarden, he still thought
that Jacobs was the highest scoring triplane ace. I'm going to have
to check my references once again... ;-o

> Incidentally, I believe that Dallas may have had around 30 victories on
> Sopwith Tripelanes as well.
> There, now I feel as sneaky as Matt ;-)

Remember to squint!

> Remind us if you remember !

Hear, hear!


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