Re: What I'm working on

Bill Ciciora (
Thu, 30 Nov 95 09:30:33 EST

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995 23:24:34 Mark wrote:

>Well, here's my two bits to throw in......These aren't in any particular
>order, as this discussion literally caught me in between models, and I
>only do one at a time, start to finish....but perusing thru the old
>collection, I find:
>- Lindberg SE5A.
>- Testors Spad XIII.
>- Testors Nie.17.
>- Eduard Hansa-Brandenburg DI.
>- Glencoe Alb. DIII.
>- K&B Fokker E.III
>- Artiplast (cousin of Aurora and Smer) DH2
>- Smer Avro 504K
>- Smer Ansaldo SVA5
>- Artiplast Nie.11
>- Eduard Morane N.
>- Koster Fokker DVIII.

Very nice to find a kindred spirit with respect to scale, economy,
and assembly philosophy [one at a time] :) I have all the models
you've listed except the K&B and the Koster. I built the Spad in
Luke's scheme, the Alb D.III in Voss' scheme straight out of the box,
the Avro in the training squadron scheme straight out of the box (with
a bit of homemade detail parts), and am currently working on the SVA5.

I have never attempted a vac myself, because I keep hearing that
they are more difficult than injected. Could someone elaborate on
the special challenges that vac models present? Which parts of the
building process are harder than injected? Seam filling, fit, what?