Re: Latest WW1 Aero

Jess Stuart (
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 13:58:37 -0800 (PST)

> Matt Bitner wrote:
> >Stand-outs in this issue [of WWI Aero] include:
> ......
> >Albatros D.II colors by Dan San Abott....
> I would suggest that that article, along with the most recent issue of Cross
> and Cockade, have turned a lot of the WWI 'basics' upside down.
> The C&C article 'Goodbye to All that Red' by Alan Toelle makes a convincing
> case that many of the authentic samples of German fabric, from which stem all
> those wonderful '27D-E7' Methuen references, are fake. At this point, we may
> have more demonstrably authentic Austro-Hungarian sampl;es (I _know_ where
> Marty got his stuff) than German.

What about the sample of v. Richthoven's Dr1 strut on the webpage?
Is it not to be considered questionable as well?

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