Re: Eduard Kits

Brian Bushe (
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 17:53:45 +0000

> >Charles Hart wrote:
> >> As of 8 November, examples of the Eduart DFW "Floh" (US$21.95) and
> >> Fokker D-VI (US$24.95) had arrived in a shop here in the Denver area.
> >> Sorry, didn't buy either so I have no more to report on them.
> >
> >What! You used some RESTRAINT? I'm sorry - you'll have to be deleted from
> >the mailing list immediately.
> >
> Believe me it was difficult to "re$train" myself. A thousand pardons
> to members of this list.

re$traint is not one of my stronger points. The 'floh' has been
availble for a number of weeks. The D.VI may have sold very quickly
but Hannants usuall have good stock of these kits. BTW the 'floh' is
a simple, interesting and relatively cheap (to their more recent
ones) intro to this manufacturer. Why don't they make a 'biff.