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Matt Bittner (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 08:20:39 -0500

On 4 Jan 80 at 21:01, Michel Lefort typed diligently:

> Could you send more info about that SIG, please. I've already seen it
> mentioned, but I lost some files due to HD crach and I can't find it
> any more. Thanks.

The ad says to drop a line to the SIG coordinator:

Alberto Casirati
v. Verdi 12
24052 Azzano S. Paolo (BG)

Wouldn't it be great to get all of "our" type of SIGs on-line? That
would definitely cut down on the cost of shipping. Imagine getting
the latest publication across the 'net in near-real time.

In thinking about this, I was wondering how one would "standardize"
this type of information transfer. I would opt for Windows format
Write files, with imbedded BMP's. Sure, you can't as good as
resolution with BMP's versus JP(e)G's, but you would have to
standardize on something, and embedding a BMP in a Write file is
easy. If not Write, then how many would be willing to buy software
"x" to become stadardized?

How many people on the list use Windows? How many actually have
access to some type of message encoding scheme (uuencode, MIME,
BinHex, etc.)? How many have scanners? I would really like to see
something like this come to fruition. Anybody willing to contact the
Italian SIG and ask these questions? If not, I may have to do so.

I'm in the process of writing to Leo Opdycke of WW1 Aero, and not
only pose these types of questions to him, but to give him a short
rundown of "stuff on the 'net", including our list.

There are tons of possiblities with this 'net thingie...

P.S. Michel, sorry to hear about your crash. You might want to
change your date/time, unless this message has been bouncing around
the 'net for 16 years...


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