Re: Italian SIG

C.P. Hart (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 10:28:19 +0000

Matt typed a lot of stuff today, 10 November 1995:

>The ad says to drop a line to the SIG coordinator:
>Alberto Casirati
>v. Verdi 12
>24052 Azzano S. Paolo (BG)

A suggestion, would there be any interest among this group to make a
bulk order to the Italian SIG for some of their publications ?? With the
costs of IMOs and all, buying a lot of these at once might make the most
sense to this collective group and get some otherwise unseen literature
into some interested sets of hands. Ideas here ??

>Wouldn't it be great to get all of "our" type of SIGs on-line? That
>would definitely cut down on the cost of shipping. Imagine getting
>the latest publication across the 'net in near-real time.
This would be nice. One needs to wonder how difficult it would be for
our Italian colleagues to get on-line and how many lira it might cost them
per month.

>In thinking about this, I was wondering how one would "standardize"
>this type of information transfer. I would opt for Windows format
>Write files, with imbedded BMP's. Sure, you can't as good as
>resolution with BMP's versus JP(e)G's, but you would have to
>standardize on something, and embedding a BMP in a Write file is
>easy. If not Write, then how many would be willing to buy software
>"x" to become stadardized?
>How many people on the list use Windows? How many actually have
>access to some type of message encoding scheme (uuencode, MIME,
>BinHex, etc.)? How many have scanners? I would really like to see
>something like this come to fruition. Anybody willing to contact the
>Italian SIG and ask these questions? If not, I may have to do so.

Shame on me but my work situation has me accessing this group on a
Macintosh. For what its worth I have access to a scanner but I need some
additional education in posting these files to a Web site or to the group
at large.