Seven Swabians Revisited

Greg Springer (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 16:16:48 -0800

Recently, while studying the photos of 'Seven Swabians' in Greg
VanWyngarden and Dan San Abbott's article in Over The Front Vol.6 #4 I
spotted a couple of details that I have not previously seen mentioned
in any of my references. The upper decking of the fuselage between the
cockpit and the rear of the engine seems to be painted with the OAW
style 'lozenge' camouflage splotches. This would probably have been
the original scheme as delivered before the Jasta 65 nose color was
painted on. Any comments? I realize that these are (very good) half
tone magazine reproductions that I am working from. Anyone with access
to original prints? I also notice that the upper side engine panel on
the left side seems to be a field made replacement. It overlaps the
louvered panel instead of butting up against it. In the photo on page
366 the corresponding panel on the right side is missing. You can see
the support tubing for the radiator housing. I have read that this was
sometimes done to increase cooling efficiency. Of course the aircraft
is parked at a hangar so it may well be off for maintenance. The floor
is open for discussion!


Greg Springer

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