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Sat, 11 Nov 1995 16:54:04 GMT

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>*From: Matt Bittner
>*Wouldn't it be great to get all of "our" type of SIGs on-line?
> Indeed it would be great!!
>*In thinking about this, I was wondering how one would "standardize"
>this type of information transfer. I would opt for Windows format
>Write files, with imbedded BMP's.
>Sorry but this is a little scary for the 10% or so who are Mac users, not to
>mention the SUN or SGI or UNIX folks. Windows format stuff can create some real
>hassles. I would vote for a much more generic text format with a collection of
>JPGS that are appropriately numbered for reference. The other option would be
>for setting these up on Web pages but then the text only folks get shut out as
I think too that having a ASCII text only format with in-text
reference to JPG's and stand-alone JPG's would allow everyone to have
an easy access to the data's. What's more, everyone could then format
it as he sees fit. It seems that you had a great idea there. After
all, as many of us, if not everyone, seem to be modellers, why not a
magazine in kit form? ;-)

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