New Glencoe releases of old Auroras

mark (
Sat, 11 Nov 1995 20:02:30 -0800

Armistice Day Greetings to all on the list - Meant to post this yesterday,
but my powers been out since last night - one of the hazards of winter in
the Cascades - anyway, I talked to Paul at the Model Cellar yesterday re:
the recently discussed subject of new Glencoe/old Aurora stuff. I had
noticed in his catalog that came out a couple of weeks ago that he showed a
Glencoe Nieuport 28, Spad XIII (both a French and a USAS version), and a
Pfalz DIII, all at $9.00. Paul confirmed that these are the first three
releases from the old Aurora molds; they were supposed to be shipped out
from Glencoe to the wholesalers by Halloween - unfortunately, this has not
<<quite>> occurred yet, but it should be any day now. He says he'll ship me
a postcard to let me know when they're in, hopefully by 12/1. Of course, the
minute I hear anything I'll be letting y'all know...

I also discussed with Paul the expected quality of the kits - we are, after
all, talking about Glencoe here, and those of us who remember their infamous
Albatross DIII can be expected to be just a bit skeptical. He expects the
new releases will not have the same difficulties that attended the DIII
(hopefully, the guy that was responsible for that turkey has found another
line of work by now...). In any case, for $9.00 there's not much risk
involved - so I'm planning to get at least the N.28 and the Pfalz, and will
glady give the list a quick review once they're in.

Mark Rook