Re: New Glencoe releases
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 07:39:35 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Re: New Glencoe releases of old Auroras

>I also discussed with Paul the expected quality of the kits - we are, after
>all, talking about Glencoe here, and those of us who remember their infamous
>Albatross DIII can be expected to be just a bit skeptical. He expects the
>new releases will not have the same difficulties that attended the DIII
>(hopefully, the guy that was responsible for that turkey has found another
>line of work by now...). In any case, for $9.00 there's not much risk
>involved - so I'm planning to get at least the N.28 and the Pfalz, and will
>glady give the list a quick review once they're in.
Are these the same molds of the old Hawk kits that Testors had released or
are they strictly from the old Aurora molds?

I thought I remember (yeah, right> reading somewhere that they were all the
same molds. I still have a Spad XIII and Nieuport 17, the ones with the decal
locations in the plastic.

At $9.00 a pop I can see my unbuilt collection growing.

And yes, I do have one of those Glencoe DIIIs.


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