Re: New Glencoe releases of old Auroras

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 08:58:47 -0500

On 11 Nov 95 at 20:02, mark typed diligently:

> I also discussed with Paul the expected quality of the kits - we are, after
> all, talking about Glencoe here, and those of us who remember their infamous
> Albatross DIII can be expected to be just a bit skeptical. He expects the
> new releases will not have the same difficulties that attended the DIII
> (hopefully, the guy that was responsible for that turkey has found another
> line of work by now...). In any case, for $9.00 there's not much risk
> involved - so I'm planning to get at least the N.28 and the Pfalz, and will
> glady give the list a quick review once they're in.

As was already discussed, these kits are just "re-release" of the
old Aurora molds. Then only thing Glencoe is doing to them (as far
as I know) is removing the molded in markings. Everything else
should be original Aurora - except the decals. ;-)


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