Interior color: Sopwith Baby
Mon, 13 Nov 95 15:49:14 PST

I'm currently working on a 1/48 scale Eduard Sopwith Baby
and its pretty interesting. The brass is very soft and
pliable unlike the DML steel that I'm used to. The work is
progressing slowly but surely as I have to use a certain
amount of dead reckoning for the placement of some of the

Question about color: soon I'll be working on the fuselage,
and have elected to paint a dark green exterior. Would the
interior also be dark green or would it be a different
color? What, pray tell, might that color be? I know that
some aircraft of the time used dyed cloth vs dope for
coloration, but I don't think this is one. Would the dope
from outside bleed inside?

Guess what... I don't know that much about WWI interiors!!

Looking forward to responses. --Stephen Tontoni