Re: Mamoli 1/44 metal Kits and Renwall

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 10:28:47 -0800


> I also picked up some old 1/72 Renwall kits (Dr.1 and DVII) that are
> white plastic with this special paper you use on the model instead of
> painting it. Interesting, but I don't know how it will look. I was
> thinking of trying one of them, just for fun. Anyone done one of
> these?
> Jim W.

Ah, Aero-skin - that does bring back old memories! They're a little
tricky but ultimately they look OK. BUT, these old Renwall Aero-skins
have a value of about $15-$30 with the old kit folks so long as they're
unbuilt. Build 'em and the value drops to $0. You'd be ahead selling the
Renwalls and buying a mess of Revell Dr.I's and D.VII's to build instead.


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