RE: return to sender
15 Nov 95 08:49:00 EST


You posted:
>I have returned (proverbially) from the San Diego Air Museum. Just in
>let me say that I was *extremely* impressed, and that anyone traveling
>anywhere near SDAM that does not take the opportunity to drop by must be

>considered clinically impaired.

Lucky beggar. Bit far for me just now since I'm geographically impaired.

You posted (on the E.III)
>The wings are complete structurally, as is the fuselage (it was
>in this condition-- assembled but uncovered-- a week ago). There are 12
>in the wing, by the way :^) . Indeed, I saw quite a lot of Ian Stair
>lying about! What a plug for Ian!

I assume you mean 12 ribs outboard of the wing root, so Eduard have got
it right on paper, but wrong in plastic. Oh well, thats what wet and dry
was invented for...

Or maybe, if we both keep quiet about it no-one will know ;-)