RE: Interior color: Sopwith Baby
15 Nov 95 09:07:00 EST

Hello all,

On 13 Nov 95 at 15:49, typed, but by the time
it got here it was interesting, not diligent ;-)

> I'm currently working on a 1/48 scale Eduard Sopwith Baby
> and its pretty interesting. The brass is very soft and
> pliable unlike the DML steel that I'm used to. The work is
> progressing slowly but surely as I have to use a certain
> amount of dead reckoning for the placement of some of the
> bits.

..and Matt replied to this effect:
>Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but the usual practice was
>to clear dope the fabric after it was applied to the fuselage, and
>before any other color dope - or paint - was applied. So, what I've
>heard is that you should paint the interior a "clear doped linen"

Actually, I concur. The only thing I can add is that the interior "clear
linen" colour on the one a/c I looked at (NOT a baby of course) was
rather duller and dirtier looking than the wing undersides and a bit
indefinitely patchy in brightness, possibly as a result of uneven
application of dope, dirt, uneven fading, colour bleed through, uneven
thickness of _outside_ colour (so less light transmitted through) or
something I never thought of yet !