Re: the 1995 UK IPMS Nationals

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Wed, 15 Nov 95 13:24:49 JST

>>>>> (Gerald P. McOsker) writes:
Gerald> BTW- I went to the Imperial War Museum and took several shots of the Camel
Gerald> 2f1- someone was interested?
Yes, I have many many interest.

Q.1 How about shape the upside of 2F1 nose without Vickers-guns?

Q.2 Does the 2F1 have telescopic sight? Or another type gun sight?

I have no resources of 2F1 Camel, and I will build an Airfix 2F1 Camel.
I think I must decided many hard works without any accesory parts.
So I will use some Aeroclub metal parts etc.

Regards, Hiro.

--Hirohisa Ozaki