Re: the 1995 UK IPMS Nationals

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 23:08:29 +0000

GErry has written a wonderful report, including:

>Skybirds 86- run by Michael Eacock [a former engineer for Polaroid in
>Massachusetts- brought out three new beauties in 1:72
>Rumpler C.IV, DFW CV and the Friedrichshafen G.II- Theses are multi media
>kits which are described on P. 7 of the Sept Oct Windsock- The 2 seaters go
>for$40.incl air postage and the Friedrichshafen for t$ 57. US incl
>airmail] They are extremely nice kits. I purchased the Friedrichshafen-
>The metal parts, resin [beautiful thin trailing edges] etchings , rubber
>wheels and a plentitude of decals are fantastic.

I would ahve gone for the F'haven also. How does the Rumpler compare
with Pegasus ??

>Libramodels-Pfalz EII,EIV,EVI- metal parts, etched, decals vac [7.92]
>Likewise a Sopwith Cuckoo [11.00]

Is this Cuckoo a reissue of the earlier kit or are these unsold from
the first batch ?? Did these include the white metal and etched brass
torpedo ?? I am quite interested in one of these.

>Print Media:

>In the Teeth of the Wind [memoir of the RNAS

This is available from the Naval Institute Press (found mine in a used
bookshop for a ridiculous price). Very good memoir.

>All of which asks the question- was it profitable or enjoyable to make the
>The answer being a godd old wishy washy- yes and no! I could have gotten
>the goodies eventually by post and - considering the cost of transport-
>and at less money even when considering postage.

Still there is the fun of romping through the candy store with a VISA
card in hand.

Wouldn't mind making the trip my self.