Small review and ponderings

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 08:06:07 -0500

Got a set of the Atlee 1/72nd seats. Not too bad. You get four
seats for four bucks, so at a dollar a seat, it's a good value.

There is some flash, but it's very minimal. The seat backs are
amazingly thin, especially when you take into consideration that
these are *resin*. Seat belts are molded in, and the detail on all
the seats is amazing.

My only concern is the fact that it's "solid" resin. You don't get
the "see through" detail (for lack of a better description) that you
would with photoetch. Yes, you could scrape out the areas that
aren't supposed to be there (like the "basket weave" on the "British
Seat"), but I might replace the seat backs with photoetch ones from
Fotocut, or some such source.


Looks like I'll have to have the Richtofen Windsock put on hold for
me, since it's got info on his Albatros C.IX. I was wondering what I
was going to do with my Xtravac kit...

And speaking of Xtraparts, anybody know of a source for their
Mercedes engines? That aren't going for the supposedly price of
$6.95? I haven't been able to find these, and these are the best
Mercedes on the market today. The last one I bought cost $3.95 - I
price I can live with - but I heard that the cost was upped to $6.95.
Anybody else got the scoop?

Has anybody picked up a Plum Blossom FE2b? And if so, give us your

Ah well, that's all for now.


P.S. Doug Jones: your pictures came the other day. Thanks.

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