Camel 2F.1, N6812 (was: the 1995 UK IPMS Nationals)

Boeke Joseph R (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 10:09:37 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Hirohisa Ozaki wrote [regarding the IWM's 2F.1]:

> Q.1 How about shape the upside of 2F1 nose without Vickers-guns?

My understanding (and looking at photos of other Camels used on lighters, is
that the vicker's guns were mounted over the cowling, so there wouldn't
be a gun channel. The deletion of the vickers guns (by 2 over wing lewis
guns) was a "field" modification. So I don't think that there would be
time/resources to fashion a new cowling.

Although, I am waiting to see hear from the IWM as to whether they have
any photos/guidebooks to this machine avialable. Hopefully then I will
be able to give a more authoritative answer.

The two pictures of N6812 I have seen, show what appears to be a fairing
from the front of the cowling back to the cockpit cut out. Shaped more
or less like this
/ \

at the cockpit, and tapered at the cowling end.

> Q.2 Does the 2F1 have telescopic sight? Or another type gun sight?

Again, my sources are contradictory, but in _Zeppelin Fighters_, it is
implied that there wasn't a "special" gun-sight. When shooting at
Zeppelins, I think a gun sight might be more of a nusiance anyways.

However, Dugald Cameron's painting of N6812 (on the cover of Cross &
Cockade Intl. v.26 n.2) shows a telescopic sight. A photograph of N6812
from 31 July 1918 shows no telescopic sight, and no over-wing lewis
guns. Another photo shows both lewis guns and what appears to be a
telescopic sight. There is no date on this photo, but it is from the
Fleet Air Arm Museum (so I assume it is a post war picture).

In fact, it seems that the shots that brought down LZ 53 were "lucky"
ones. One of the lewis guns was jammed, and LZ 53 was above the 2F.1's
service ceiling (in order to get the shot, Lt. Culley had to increase
the plane's angle of attack to the point where it stalled in the thin

Using incendiary rounds, he was able to set one of LZ 53's gas cells on
fire, which resulted in the whole zeppelin being consumed.

> I have no resources of 2F1 Camel, and I will build an Airfix 2F1 Camel.
> I think I must decided many hard works without any accesory parts.
> So I will use some Aeroclub metal parts etc.

I understand from Barry at Rosemont, that one of the next data file
reprints will be on the 2F.1 (#6 I think). He told me by Christmas, but
I am thinking that it probably won't be out until spring.

I am in the same boat. From what I know right now, the airfix kit isn't
a very good reproduction of N.6812. For one thing, it only has one above
wing lewis gun, in addition to a fuselage mounted vickers. Others (Matt)
have commented that the Airfix model is screwed up in alot of other ways,
and would require a great deal of work.

I am in the process of building Culley's machine also (as well as the
lighter that the 2F.1 was towed on. If you can get a copy of Cross &
Cockade Intl' (v26 n2) I highly reccomemnd it (as someone did to me).
There is alot of info on the lighters, and some good pictures of RNAS
2F.1s and F.1s used on the lighters.


Joe Boeke