Re[2]: Interior color: Sopwith Baby
Wed, 15 Nov 95 08:11:41 PST

So the concensus appears to be that I should paint hte
exterior of the Baby a dark green, and the interior some
sort of linen color, but weathering it may be in order. I
may start with Floquil Panzer buff (or butternut; slightly
warmer) and apply a wash over it. Sound right?

To change the subject slightly; if I were working on a
German aircraft with a lozenge pattern on the fuselage, that
pattern would also be inside, correct? I don't EVEN want to
talk about matching lozenge for lozenge interior and
exterior, but since that pattern is actually part of the
fabric, it is going to be visible inside. Same weathering
might be in order, or what?

Thanks for the tips and I will start work on the fuselage of
my Baby tonight.

----Stephen Tontoni