Re: Interior color

C.P. Hart (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:38:09 +0000

To continue this thread:
>> Stephen Tontoni typed
>> > To change the subject slightly; if I were working on a
>> > German aircraft with a lozenge pattern on the fuselage, that
>> > pattern would also be inside, correct? I don't EVEN want to
>> > talk about matching lozenge for lozenge interior and
>> > exterior, but since that pattern is actually part of the
>> > fabric, it is going to be visible inside. Same weathering
>> > might be in order, or what?
>> >
>> I would think that would be about right - a lozenge pattern but
>> 'washed out' and 'faded'; you'd be looking at the printed lozenge
>> pattern colors through a layer of fabric.
>Don't forget to "reverse" the pattern.

In looking at both authentic and replica pieces of lozenge fabric,
both the pattern and colors are seen on the "inner" surface of the fabric.
In most cases they are not all that much lighter than the outer surface.
In the case of an authentic piece of 4-color top fabric I have seen/held,
the best way to judge the colors is to look at the reverse side of the
fabric. Ageing of the dope has yellowed the outer surface and colors but
hasn't seemed to affect the inner surface too much. To achieve this affect
with paint or decal ink one would need to add a little "undoped" linen
color to the lozenge colors to achieve this interior effect.

And as Matt says, reverse the pattern.