Re: San Diego Museum

Paul Butler (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 08:41:30 +1100

Hi to all

On the basis of the recent discussion about the San Diego Museum, I looked up
their web page particularly to see the WW1 stuff. The WW1 page features a
3/4 front view of the repro. Albatros DV (a ?) which looks fairly good.

However the engine details look a little suspect. I realise that the JPEG image
is of very low resolution and zooming into it doesn't help either. But what
you can see of the inlet manifolds and plumbing above the valve gear doen't
appear to resemble the commonly accepted appearance of a Mercedes DIII engine.

The replica may not have a real Mercedes installed. All I am suggesting is
that if anyone is planning to use photographs of this replica as a resource for
model building, then they should look carefully at other resources (such as
Windsocks etc.) for confirmation of details.

Regards to all

Paul Butler